Our Story

"And she loved a little boy very, very, much

even more than she loved herself."

~ Shel Silverstein


KRH offers a "Science and Kindness"* approach for recovery by leasing small homes for those committed to recovery practices.  


*"Beyond Addiction," by Dr. Jeffrey Foote of the Center for Motivation & Change

From a tragedy, Keystone Recovery Homes was formed by two mothers, Lisa Plucinski and Kathy Weierbach in 2017, in order to provide support to those who are seeking a life of wellness.

Jason M. Plucinski

"Jason's House"

          Jason was born September 3, 1998 and was the youngest of two children. He was an amazing child who was intelligent, athletic, had beautiful green eyes and curly hair, a smile that was notable, the best sense of humor, and was a friend to a multitude of people. He was thoughtful and kind and accepted everyone for who they were. On the surface, he appeared to have it all; however, Jason had struggles that he was able to hide well. 

         Jason possessed so many great traits and had the potential to be anything he wanted to be; however, he veered off track when drugs began to creep into his life in his early high school years. "Just having fun" turned into a battle that he had never wanted. He completed a drug rehab program previously, but the powerful desire that comes from drug use and surrounding himself with those who were struggling themselves became a difficult battle for him to fight. Though it appeared on the outside that Jason was doing better, he clearly was not.

        Jason's life came to a tragic end on April 11, 2016, five months shy of his 18th birthday, due to an accidental drug overdose. He is missed dearly by his family and friends each and every day.  We believe in our hearts that Jason would not have wanted this end, and that he would be doing anything he could now to help those who struggle with substance use.

Lisa Plucinski

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