c. Suk Shuglie

"Soul Snatcher" 2016

          Suk Shuglie's paintings are famous for scenes of beauty, joy, and peace found in God's creation. Often using bold shapes and brilliant colors, Suk invokes hidden spiritual depth that captures the heart and moves the soul. This is why Keystone Recovery Homes (KRH) commissioned her to provoke the compassion our mission has for all who suffer or are impacted by this disease of pain. KRH entitled this piece

"Soul Snatcher"  because of the unleashing power this disease has over the mind, body, and soul. Like the Big Book of A. A. states and KRH believes, there is a Higher Power that offers serenity, courage, and wisdom to live in a way that can restore beauty in this life even in the midst of heartbreak. Our desire is for you to find your own meaning in this work (there are many hidden and intimate symbolism's). And, we want to share some of our interpretations and discoveries.


          Immature Poppy: Symbolizes the young lives lost in epidemic proportions to opiods, but also the innocence and dreams of youth (of any age) because of any addiction that caused injury to oneself or another person. The young poppy also stands for vulnerability and how easily "life" can wound a soul from the brilliance he/she was created by God to become. The "soul snatched" forever from being able to bloom brilliantly and brightly.

          Beaker: Scientifically speaking, the latex, also called poppy tears, when dried contains alkaloid morphine, which is processed chemically to produce heroin and other synthetic opiods like fentanyl.

          Poppy Tears: The wounding cut on the young poppy is for agony. The tears that fall that were to offer peace, comfort, and healing, instead unleash unforgiving pain and shame. The tears are also for the heart brokenness from the lives affected or lost to this disease. 

          The Brilliant Red Poppy: Symbolizes remembrance, honor, compassion and love. Remembrance, for the precious lives of those who died while battling the disease of addiction and for those who mourn this great loss. Honor and compassion, to those who continue this fight. Love, for the eternal beauty that remains.

A note from the artist, Suk Shuglie:

          "When I was commissioned to paint this piece, I didn't realize how many lives, in my hometown of Lancaster, are affected by the disease from addiction. People who are young and old and from every walk of life. I prayed and prayed to God to inspire me to create a beautiful and meaningful expression that honors the life of each person and the despair addiction causes the soul. At first glance, the painting shows a celebration of colors that are so joyful and bright. I love showing the miracle of God's creation in my work. The poppy pods are an expression of this gift and the tears symbolize the agony caused by this epidemic. May this piece touch your heart and move your soul."

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