Our Approach 

KEYSTONE RECOVERY HOMES (KRH) understands the URGENCY of this epidemic and is committed, with COMPASSION, to partnering with those men and women who have this acute disorder, who are healing from the disease of addiction and have the courage each day to live healthy lives.  



In his 2016 Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health, the Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, addressed for the first time in the history of our country that we have an addiction epidemic. He stated that more people use prescription opioids than use tobacco. Statistics revealed that there are more people with a substance use disorder than cancer. A staggering number, one in five Americans, binge drink in our country and 20.8 million people who live with a substance use disorder also have a dual diagnosis (a term used when a person has a mood disorder such as depression or bipolar, as well as a problem with alcohol or drugs) and costs the U.S. over $420 billion per year. These statistics do not include the millions of people who are misusing substances but may not yet have a full-fledged disorder.


Dr. Murthy also observed that few other medical conditions are surrounded by as much shame and misunderstanding as substance use disorder. Historically, our society has treated addiction and misuse of alcohol and drugs as symptoms of moral weakness or as a willful rejection of societal norms, and these problems have been addressed primarily through the criminal justice system. His challenge to Americans is to assist in bringing people out from the shadow of this chronic disease of the brain to get the support and help they need. He declared that our communities need to revisit the health care concerns those who have Substance Use Disorder with the same URGENCY and COMPASSION as we do other illnesses, such as cancer and diabetes (NPR, "Surgeon General Murthy Wants America To Face Up To Addiction," November 17, 2016).



        We invite you to join us in granting grace to your neighbor who is choosing to live a life with SERENITY and WISDOM.

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