Volunteer With Us

Level 1:  Organize a Team

Organize a team to prepare a home. Home preparation includes cleaning of the new home and setting up the furniture.

  • Teams are comprised of volunteer groups of up to 6 people

  • Preparation of a home can take up to 8 hours

  • All cleaning supplies and furnishings will be provided to the teams in advance. All furnishings will be in accordance with KRH interior and exterior guidelines.

  • Contact kathy.weierbach@keystonerecoveryhomes.org for more information

Level 2:  Life Skills Partner

In addition to a resident having a sponsor or support person, it is vital for him or her to have life skills partners from the community.  A Level 2 volunteer will commit to aiding a resident in navigating through the often difficult challenges of everyday life.

  • A partner can provide job interview transportation, resume instruction, cooking and cleaning instruction, etc. This partner will not only supply life instruction, but will also commit to being a mentor to a resident.

  • Partners will be matched with a resident based on the needs of the resident as well as their personalities.

  • A partner will commit to about 2-3 hours per week to meet with and communicate with their resident. 

Level 3:  Financial Sponsor

Become a financial sponsor for a resident who has no resources available to provide emotional or physical care. 

  • Sponsorship will depend on the unique needs of the resident

  • Sponsorship amounts will be dependent upon these needs

  • Please contact kathy.weierbach@keystonerecoveryhomes.org for current financial sponsorship needs

Level 4:  House Naming

To name a house after whom you wish to make a dedication to can be done by making a financial contribution, please contact kathy.weierbach@keystonerecoveryhomes.org for more information regarding house naming. This financial contribution provides all start up leasing expenses and home furnishings. (We encourage Level 4 contributors to consider being involved in the Level 1 process.) 

We also accept cleaning supplies which include bathroom and kitchen supplies as well as detergent.

Please feel free to contact Kathy Weierbach at kathy.weierbach@keystonerecoveryhomes.org if you have any questions or are interested in becoming a volunteer.

KRH invites you to become a part of the solution to this destructive epidemic.  There are many ways you can become involved with KRH in encouraging recover, unity, and service.  Below are four levels of support for consideration:

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